Natamycin 95%

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1. Natamycin 95% brief introduction

Other name: Pimaricin

CAS number: 7681-93-8

E number: E235 (preservatives)

Formula: C33H47NO13

Weight: : 665.73 g/mol


Package:500G/Bottle; 10kgs/carton; 25kg/drum

Source: Fermentation

Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Specification: GB 25532—2010

Grade: Food grade

2. Natamycin 95% specification

Across Biotech supply food grade natamycin 95%, used in food as a preservative, which meets the quality requests of GB 25532—2010. Check the specification below:


Items Standard
Appearance White to creamy-yellow almost odorless crystalline  powder
Assay,w% ≥95.0
pH(1% solution) 5.0-7.5
Specific rotation αm(20℃, D, dm2•kg-1) +250°~ +295°
Loss on Drying, w% ≤8.0
Residue on ignition, w% ≤0.5
Pb(mg/kg) ≤2.0


3. Natamycin 95% Package

500g/bottle, 10kg/carton; 25kg/drum


4. Natamycin 95% Documents


Natamycin 95% TDS

Natamycin MSDS


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