Sorbitol Cas 50-70-4

1. What Is Sorbitol?

As a sorbitol manufacturer and supplier, Across biotech offers high-quality sorbitol powder and sorbitol syrup. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol,a sugar substitute. Its formula C6H14O6, cas number 50-70-4, E-number e420, molecular weight 182.17, sorbitol structure as below:

sorbitol structure

Some foods containing sorbitol naturally, like Pepper, corn on the cob, coconut,avocado, and etc. Sorbitol we are producing is artifical. If you need to buy sorbitol or want the latest sorbitol price, welcome to contact us.

Sorbitol Powder

Sorbitol Syrup

2. Other names for sorbitol

D sorbitol; d glucitol; glucitol

3. Sorbitol production

Across Biotech produces and supplies sorbitol powder 6000 tons and sorbitol syrup 20000 tons a year.

Synthesis of sorbitol :Many Sorbitol manufacturing plants add the prepared 53% glucose aqueous solution to the autoclave and the nickel catalyst with 0.1% weight of glucose was added. After air replacement, hydrogenation was carried out under the conditions of about 3.5MPa, 150C and pH8.2-8.4.The end point was controlled below 0.5% of the residual sugar. After precipitating 5min, the sorbitol solution was refined by ion exchange resin.

4. Sorbitol sweetener

Sorbitol has a cool sweetness. The sweetness is about half of sucrose, calorific value is similar to sucrose, used as a sweetener will not cause dental caries. Most of the sorbitol solution in the food industry is 69% to 71%. 1g D-sorbitol produces 16.7kJ heat in the human body.

After eating, it is not converted into glucose in the blood, nor is it affected by insulin. In Japan, D-sorbitol is used as a food sweetener, the scope and limit of use are as follows: 1% to 3 for cool drinks, about 3% for egg whites, and about 4% for chocolate. Used to improve the moisture retention of food, or as a thickener, often used in the manufacture of sugar-free chewing gum.

Sorbitol sweetener is a good food additive, also used in nutrition supplements. As a sorbitol supplier, we produce 40-80 mesh sorbitol powder with high quality and affordable price, which is perfect for tableting. 

Sorbitol used in food

5. Sorbitol uses and benefits

Sorbitol uses in food. It not only provides sweetness, but also does avoid tooth decay, because of his low calorie, it is also good for diabeteics. It has preservative effect and can prolong the shelf life of food

Sorbitol as humectant is used in cosmetics and skin care. It has high-quality water retention performance, can not afford to be greasy, but also economical and practical.

Sorbitol use in pharmaceuticals. Sorbitol can be used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C, syrup, injection, and infusion medicine tablet; sorbitol as a drug dispersant, filler, cryoprotectant, anti-crystallization agent, stabilizer of traditional Chinese medicine, wetting agent, capsule plasticizer Agents, sweeteners, softening matrix, etc.

6. FAQs of Sorbitol

We supply sorbitol powder 6,000 tons and sorbitol syrup 20,000 tons a year.

Sorbitol we are producing is artificial. People use sorbitol as sweetener, as its sweetness is 55% of sucrose.

Sorbitol is recognized as safe to consume by many global health authorities, including the FDA, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA).

It’s not working like traditional preservatives, propionates, acetates. But it also help extend the shelf life.

The FDA approved sorbitol in 1978. Don’t worry about its safety.

Yes. It’s the same with maltitol. Both of them don’t contain gluten.

Yes. Sorbitol is halal and Non-GMO.

7. Documents--Sorbitol MSDS

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