Sodium Diacetate (Cas 126-96-5)

Price Range: FOB 1.2-1.9 USD/KG; Update:2021/11/1

1. Characteristics of Sodium Diacetate

E number: E262ii

Formula: C4H7NaO4

Weight: : 142.09 g/mol



Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Specification: USP/FCC/GB/E283

Grade: Food/Feed grade

2. Sodium diacetate specification

Across Biotech supply sodium diacetate food grade, feed grade. They fully meet the standards of FCC/GB/USP.


2.1 Check the FCC specification as below:

Item Standard
Color White
Smell With the acetic acid taste
Texture Hygroscopic crystalline


Free acetic acid (Dried) 39.0-41.0%
Sodium acetate(Dried) 58.0-60.
PH 4.5-5.0
Moisture content ≤2.0%
Easy oxide ≤0.2%
Lead ≤2mg/kg


3. FAQs of sodium diacetate

3.1 What grade can you offer?

We supply feed/food grade sodium diacetate.


3.2 What is the package and loading quantity?

For sodium diacetate, the package is 25kg per bag, the loading quantity is 21 ton/1*20GP without pallet, 15 tons/1*20GP with pallet.


3.3 What is sodium diacetate storage?

Storage sealed low temperature, moisture-proof, sunscreen, do not mix with other alkaline substances and toxic substances.


3.4 Is there anything to notice in the feed production process?

In the process of feed additive processing, high temperatures should be avoided to prevent the decomposition of sodium diacetate and reduce its edible effect.


4. Documents- sodium diacetate MSDS and COA

Sodium diacetate MSDS

Sodium diacetate COA FCC

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