Sodium Diacetate Uses In Feed

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Sodium Diacetate

Sodium diacetate is one of the new anti-mildew agents in feed. Its effective component is acetic acid, and the mechanism is that acetic acid molecules pass through the cell walls of fungi, molds, bacteria and so on, interfering with the action of intercellular enzymes and causing intracellular protein denaturation.

Sodium diacetate has strong germicidal ability. Adding 0.1% to 1.5% of the feed can effectively prevent it from mildew and prolong the storage life of the feed for more than 3 months. Sodium diacetate is suitable for anti-mildew of all kinds of raw materials with high humidity and high moisture. The anti-mildew effect of sodium diacetate is better than that of the same dose of propionate. When adding ingredients and fillers with sodium diacetate as the main component, adding 0.2% of the dosage, the anti-mildew effect is better than the same dose of dimethyl fumarate. The addition of sodium diacetate and sorbic acid and its salt has a synergistic effect.

sodium diacetate is applied to silage

In addition, some studies have shown that sodium diacetate has a good weight gain effect for animals, which can regulate pH, improve the utilization rate of protein, promote the synthesis of body fat and so on. As an anti-mildew agent, diacetic acid has rich sources, low cost, good bacteriostatic effect, and can increase the nutritional value of feed. The disadvantage of sodium diacetate is that when the feed mildew is serious or the amount of sodium diacetate can not reach complete bacteriostasis, it can be used as a nutritional source of microorganisms but promote the growth of mold, and the corresponding increase of the amount of sodium diacetate can completely inhibit bacteriostasis. this increases the cost of mildew prevention.

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