Sodium Lactate Solution CAS 72-17-3

1. Sodium Lactate Solution characteristics

CAS No.: 72-17-3

E number: E325

Formula: C3H5NaO3

Weight: 112.06 g/mol

MOQ: 500KG

Package: 25KG/bottle;

HS Code: 2918110000

Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Type: 60%

Grade: Food/pharmaceutical grade

2. Sodium Lactate Solution specification

We supply food/pharmaceutical grade sodium lactate solution. In food, it works as an acidifier and preservative. In pharma, it could be the raw material of sodium lactate green injection solution.


Check the sodium lactate solution pharmaceutical grade specification below:


Item Specification
Characters Clear, colorless, slightly yellow syrupy liquid.
Identification Yields the reactions characteristic of sodium salts and lactates









Appearance Clear, not more intense than the reference solution
pH 6.5~9.0
Reducing sugar and sucrose Clear and blue
Methanol Maximum 50ppm
Phosphate and oxalates Not more intense than that of a standard solution
Chlorides Maximum 50ppm
Sulfates Maximum 100ppm
Barium Not more intense than that of a standard solution
Aluminum Maximum 0.1ppm
Iron Maximum 10ppm
Heavy metals Maximum 10 ppm
Bacterial endotoxins Maximum 5IU/g
Total aerobic microbial count Maximum 100 CFU/ml
Total yeasts and molds count Maximum 100 CFU/ml
Assay It should be not less than 60.0% based on C3H5NaO3



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