Sodium Propionate (Cas 137-40-6)

Price Range: FOB 1.4-1.8 USD/KG; Update:2021/10/10

1. Characteristics of Sodium Propionate

E number: E281(preservatives)

Formula: C3H5NaO2

Weight: : 96.06 g/mol



Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Specification: USP/FCC/GB/EP

Grade: Food/Feed grade

2. Sodium propionate specification

Across Biotech supply sodium propionate food grade, feed grade, with forms of powder and granule. Also, it meets the standards of FCC/GB/USP.

2.1 Check FCC specification below:

Check item Specifications
Assay                                  / % 99.0-100.5
Loss on drying                         / % ≤1.0
Na2CO3(Alkalinity)                    / % ≤0.15
PH 10% solution 7-9
(Pb)Heavy metals                       / % ≤0.0002
(Fe) Iron                              / % ≤0.003


3. FAQs of Sodium Propionate

3.1 What grades and standards can you provide?

We supply sodium propionate food grade, feed grade, with standards of FCC/GB.


3.2 What is the package and loading quantity?

Normally, 25kg/bag. For 1*20GP with pallet, the loading quantity is 14MTs.


3.3 What is the MOQ?

For sodium propionate, we provide a small MOQ of 100KG.


3.4 What forms can you offer?

Sodium propionate powder and granule.


3.5 What amount of sodium propionate should be added?

Used as a preservative in foods, feed, the dosage is 0.1-0.3%, same with calcium propionate.


4. Documents-sodium propionate MSDS and COAs


Sodium propionate MSDS

Sodium propionate Powder FCC COA

Sodium propionate Powder GB COA

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