Swine Feed Premix

Price Range: FOB 1-10 USD/KG; Update:2023/5/13

1. Vitamins and Minerals Premix For Pig

Premix formulations for pigs at different growth stages are not used, and the nutritional structure and composition ratios are also different. Again, we offer customized solutions.

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Swine feed premix

Vitamins premix
Minerals premix
Vitamins and minerals premix


2. The vitamin and mineral premixes for swine/pig are as follows


Vitamin Content
Vitamin A 120000-350000 IU
Vitamin D3 30000-90000 IU
Vitamin E 200 mg
Vitamin K3 MSB≥ 10 mg
Vitamin B1≥ 10 mg
Vitamin B2≥ 20 mg
Vitamin B5≥ 80 mg
Vitamin B12≥ 0.3 mg
Nicotinamide≥ 250 mg
Folic acid≥ 12 mg
Biotin≥ 0.4 mg
Cu 1000-3000 mg
Fe 1700-50000 mg
Mn 700-2100 mg
Zn 920-2750 mg
I 7-20 mg
Se 4-10 mg
Lysine≥ 2.7%
Ca 12-22%
P≥ 2.5%
NaCl 6-12%
Water ≤12.0%


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