Key Manufacturers of Mannitol

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Mannitol, CAS No. 87-78-5, EINECS No. 201-770-2, chemical formula C6H14O6, molecular weight 182.172.

Mannitol is a sugar alcohol and is a tautomer of sorbitol. Easily soluble in water, it is a white crystalline powder with a sweet taste similar to that of sucrose.

Mannitol is a good diuretic in medicine, lowering intracranial pressure, and intraocular pressure and treating kidney medicine, dehydration medicine, and sugar substitute, also used as an excipient for tablets and diluent for solids and liquids. In food, it has the least water absorption among sugar and sugar alcohols and has a refreshing sweet taste. It is used as an anti-adhesive powder for maltose, chewing gum, rice cake, and other foods, and as an anti-adhesive powder for general cakes. Dibromomannitol can be produced by the reaction of hydrobromic acid. It can also be used as a sweetener with low caloric value and low sugar in foods for diabetics and bodybuilding foods.

Bright Moon Seaweed Group

Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group was founded in 1968 and is a high-tech enterprise that develops and produces seaweed biological products with large marine brown algae as raw material. The company fully utilizes its industrial advantage of being the first in the world in the field of seaweed extraction. At present, we have Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Biotechnology Center, Qingdao Marine Biological Industry Base, Jiangsu Dafeng Marine Biological Industry Base, and Chilean Seaweed Resource Development Base, forming the industrial space layout of “one center and three bases”. Our products cover food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade mannitol, sorbitol, sodium alginate, calcium alginate, potassium alginate, and other alginates.

Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd

Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is located in Shouguang, the beautiful hometown of vegetables. Since its establishment in 1970, it has gradually developed into a comprehensive large-scale chemical production enterprise integrating coal chemical, petrochemical, and biochemical, and is one of the top 100 chemical companies in China, one of the top 1000 Chinese enterprises, and one of the top 10 enterprises in the fertilizer manufacturing industry. It has five production enterprises and five operating companies under its jurisdiction. The main products are ammonia, urea, compound fertilizer, methanol, sulfuric acid, glucose, vitamin C, mannitol, sorbitol, and corn starch.

Shijiazhuang Huaxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Huaxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, located in Shijiazhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province, was founded in 1992. It is an enterprise that mainly produces medical API mannitol, fructose, and food additives such as food-grade crystalline fructose and mannose, occupying a certain market position and enjoying a good reputation at home and abroad. The products have passed GMP certification, quality management system certification, food safety management system certification, non-GMO identity maintenance certification, etc. respectively.


Founded in 1933 and headquartered in France, Roquette is engaged in the biorefining industry of plant raw materials and is a world leader in the industry of starch and its further processing, it is also a global leader in the production of polyols. Roquette offers its customers a wide range of products in the fields of human nutrition, cosmetic medicine, corrugated cardboard, the biochemical industry, and animal nutrition.


Cargill is the world’s largest privately held company and the largest manufacturer of animal nutrition and agricultural products. Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, it was founded in 1865 by Willam Wallace Cargill. After 150 years in business, Cargill has become a multinational specialist in commodities trading, processing, transportation, and risk management, and is already a global trading, processing, and marketing company operating in agricultural, food, financial, and industrial products and services.


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