Phytin (Cas 3615-82-5)

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1. Characteristics of Phytin

Synonyms: Calcium Magnesium Phytate

Formula: C6H14O24P6 Ca Mg

Weight: 888.41 g/mol


Package: 25KG/drum

HS Code: 2919900090

Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Specification: Enterprise standard

2. Phytin specification

Across Biotech supply phytin, used in food, medicine, daily chemical products, metal surface treatment, plastic processing, and other industries.


2.1 Check the phytin enterprise specification:

Item Enterprise specification
Appearance White crystalline powder, no visible impurity
Assay(as P205) ≥40%
Phosphorous 19-21%
Calcium ≥17.0%
Magnesium 0.5%-5.0%
Arsenic ≤5ppm
Heavy metals ≤20ppm
Residue on lgnition 68.0%-78.0%
Water ≤0.2%


 3. Phytin uses

In medicine

Phytin works as an internal medicine made in the pharmaceutical industry: it can promote human metabolism and restore the balance of phosphorus in the body. it has the functions of tonifying the brain, treating neuritis, neurasthenia, rickets in children, osteomalacia and so on.

In food

Phytin is used for yeast culture and as an anti-oxidant for oil, pigment and jam preservation in yeast food industry.


In metal surface cleaning

Phytin is treating the metal surface with its solution can clean the metal surface, improve the corrosion resistance of the metal surface, and improve the viscosity of the additive.


In plastic industry

Phytin works as an inhibiting oxidant in the interaction between plastic resins and polymers.




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