Sodium cyclamate CAS 139-05-9

1. Sodium cyclamate characteristics

Other names: NF13, CP95

CAS No.: 139-05-9

E number: E952

Formula: C6H12NNaO3S

Weight: 201.22

MOQ: 100KG

Package: 25KG/carton;

HS Code: 2929901000

Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Standard: BP/EP/USP/FCC

Type: Needle, flake

Grade: Food/pharmaceutical grade

2. Sodium cyclamate specification

We supply sodium cyclamate NF13 and CP95. And the sweetness is 45-50 times sweeter than sucrose. Check the specification below:

Item   Specification
Water CP95 <15.5%; NF13<1.0%
Appearance CP95 flake; NF13 needle
Purity 98.5-101.0 %
Ph (100g/L) 5.7-7.5
Sulfate (SO4) <1000ppm
Heavy metal as Pb) <10ppm
Aniline <1ppm
Arsemoc (As) <3ppm
Selenium <30ppm
cyclohexylamine <10ppm
Dicyclohexylamine <1ppm
Transparen cy >95%



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