Sorbitol 70 Solution

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1. What Is Sorbitol Solution?

Sorbitol solution is also known as sorbitol syrup. It is a colorless transparent viscous liquid with a slightly sweet taste, which is made from the aqueous solution of glucose. According to the content, it is divided into two types, 50% and 70%(also called sorbitol 70 solution), of which sorbitol 70 is more commonly used. Also, there are sorbitol solution 70 non crystallizing and crystallizing for different uses. What is sorbitol syrup? We believe you already have the answer.

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2. Sorbitol Solution Synonyms

Sorbitol syrup; Sorbitol 70; Sorbitol liquid; Sorbitol 70 solution; d sorbitol solution


3. Sorbitol 70 Solution Specification

Here is the specification of sorbitol solution 70 non crystallizing, as it’s more widely used, which conforms with GB/USP standard. If you need to buy sorbitol solution USP, don’t hesitate to come to us. There are packages of 70kg per drum, 250kg per drum, 270kg per drum, 1300kg per IBC drum, ISO tank for your option.












Clear, colourless, syrup liquid,miscible with water














The principal peak is similar with the reference

Angle of Rotation +1.5°~ +3.5°
Characters Clear, syrupy liquid
3 Conductivity µS/cm ≤10
4  Reducing Sugars             % ≤0.2
5 Reducing Sugars after

Hydrolysis                        %

6 Lead ppm ≤0.5
7 Nickel ppm ≤1.0
8 Anhydrous Substance      % 68.0~72.0
9  Water Content                  % 28.0~32.0
10 D-Glucitol (D-sorbitol)      % 72~92
11 Total Plate Count         cfu/ml ≤100
12 Mould & Yeast cfu/ml ≤100
13  Staphylococcus Aureus Negative to test


4.FAQs of Sorbitol Syrup

1) Is your sorbitol solution 70 clear and transparent?

Yes. If your goods are lightly yellow because it has higher reducing sugar.

2) What packages can we offer for sorbitol syrup?

Normally, 70kg/drum, 250kg/drum, 270kg/drum, 1300kg/IBC drum, ISO tank, and etc.

3) Is there any difference between sorbitol solution non crystallizing and crystallizing?

Yes. Normally, we use the former in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries. And the crystallizing one is the raw material of sorbitol powder and ascorbic acid.

4) Is sorbitol syrup gluten free?

Yes. It typically contains no gluten and can be used in gluten-free foods.

5) Is sorbitol syrup 70 halal?

Yes. Also, it is non-GMO.

6) What sorbitol solution grades can you provide?

Sorbitol solution USP, used as pharmaceutical excipients; Sorbitol solution GB, used in normal foods, cosmetics.

7) What is the MOQ of sorbitol syrup?

500KGs. For sample testing, any quantity is welcome.


5. Sorbitol 70 Manufacturing Process

Sorbitol 70 is made from glucose solution. The production process details are as follow:

Reception of grain or roots–> Cleaning of grain or roots–> Disintegrating and wet milling–> Starch extraction–> Starch concentration–> Starch refining–> Starch liquefaction–> Hydrolysate saccharification–> Dextrose purification–> Dextrose concentration–> Dextrose preparation–> Dextrose hydrogenation–> Sorbitol purification–> Sorbitol concentration–> Sorbitol syrup


6. Sorbitol Solution Uses

Sorbitol syrup uses are wide. Sorbitol solution 70 crystallizing is the raw material of sorbitol powder and ascorbic acid. Sorbitol syrup has hygroscopicity, so adding it to the food can prevent the food from drying and cracking and keep the food fresh and soft. Sorbitol syrup does not contain an aldehyde group, is not easy to be oxidized, and does not react with amino acids when heated. It has certain physiological activities and can prevent the denaturation of carotenoids and edible fat and protein. The addition of sorbitol liquid to concentrated milk can prolong the shelf life, improve the color and flavor of the small intestine, and has an obvious effect on the stability and long-term preservation of fish sauce. It has the same effect in jam preserves.

sorbitol syrup used in toothpaste

Liquid sorbitol can be used as an excipient, moisturizer, and antifreeze in toothpaste, with an addition of up to 25-30%, which can keep the paste lubricated, good color and taste, and as an anti-drying agent in cosmetics (instead of glycerol, so it is also called “substitute glycerol”). Sorbitol syrup can enhance the extensibility and lubricity of the emulsifier and is suitable for long-term storage. Also sorbitol solution USP is the raw material of sorbitol cough syrup and sorbitol laxative.


7. Documents– Sorbitol 70 MSDS and COAs

  1. Download sorbitol 70 MSDS
  2. Download sorbitol solution non crystallizing COA

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