Sorbitol Powder

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1. What is sorbitol powder?

Sorbitol powder is also known as d sorbitol powder. It’s concentrated from sorbitol syrup. It is white hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flake or particle, odorless. According to the different crystallization conditions, the melting point varies in the range of 88-102 ℃, and the relative density is about 1.49. Soluble in water (1g soluble in about 0.45mL water), slightly soluble in ethanol and acetic acid. As a sorbitol powder manufacturer and supplier, we provide high-quality goods. If you want to buy sorbitol powder or know the newest sorbitol powder price, please come to us.

2. Sorbitol Powder Specification

Our sorbitol powder conforms to standards of GB/USP/BP. Also, we could provide 20-60 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 60-100 mesh of sorbitol powder for sale. Welcome to inquire.

Test Items Specification
Appearance White powder or granular
Sorbitol Content, ω% ≥99.0
Moisture, ω% ≤1.5
Reducing Sugar, ω% ≤0.3
Total Sugar, ω% ≤1.0
Burning Residue, ω% ≤0.1
Pb, mg/kg ≤1
Ni, mg/kg ≤2
Chloride, mg/kg ≤50
sulphate, mg/kg ≤100
Total bacterium ≤100p/g
Colon bacillus Absent in 1g

3. Sorbitol Powder Uses

Sorbitol powder is a widely used chemical raw material, which is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. One of sorbitol powder benefits is that sorbitol metabolism does not cause an increase in blood sugar and can be used as a sweetener and nutritional agent for diabetic food.

Sorbitol powder used in tableting

In the pharmaceutical industry, 40-80 mesh sorbitol powder is used as pharmaceutical tablet pressing raw materials, as drug dispersants, fillers, cryoprotectants, anti-crystallization agents, traditional Chinese medicine stabilizers, wetting agents, capsule plasticizers, sweeteners. In the chemical industry, sorbitol powder can be used in the production of surfactants such as Span and Tween.


4. Sorbitol Powder Manufacturing Process

Sorbitol powder is made of sorbitol 70 solution.  The process details are as below: Sorbitol syrup–> Preheating material–> Negative vacuum–> More than 99% liquid–> Cooling crystallization–> Dry–> Smash–> Metrological.


5. FAQs of Sorbitol Powder

1). Is your sorbitol powder caking?

No. We have adjusted the production process and solved this caking issue.

2). How long does non-caking last?

Our sorbitol powder non-caking lasting 2 years is no problem.

3). What’s the MOQ of sorbitol powder?

100KG. But for sample testing, any quantity is ok.

4). What grades can you offer?

We off sorbitol powder USP/BP/GB(pharmaceutical grade/food grade).

5). How low is your reducing sugar content?

Our sorbitol powder reducing sugar can be as low as 0.05%, even lower. So, it is good for span and tween manufacturing.

6). What mesh can you provide?

We could provide 20-40 mesh, 20-60 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 60-100 mesh sorbitol powder.

7). Can we customize the package?

Sure. You can get the customized package, like the printed logo and company info on it.

8). What are the package and loading quantity?

Normally, 25kg/craft bag, moistureproof;  18 tons/1*20FCL without pallet.




6. Documents–Sorbitol Powder MSDS and COAs

  1. Download sorbitol powder MSDS 
  2. Download sorbitol powder BP COA
  3. Download sorbitol powder USP COA
  4. Download sorbitol powder GB COA


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