Xylitol Main Manufacturers

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Xylitol, CAS No. 87-99-0, EINECS No. 201-788-0, chemical formula C5H12O5, molecular weight 152.146.

Xylitol is a white crystal or crystalline powder, very soluble in water, and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, with a melting point of 92~96℃, and a boiling point of 216℃. 10% aqueous solution pH5.0~7.0.

Xylitol is an organic compound, native to Finland, a natural sweetener extracted from birch, oak, corn cob, sugarcane bagasse, and other plant materials. In nature, xylitol has a wide distribution and is widely found in various fruits, vegetables, and cereals, but at very low levels. For the human body, xylitol is not an “exotic”, it is the body’s normal sugar metabolism intermediates.

Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Founded in 1962, Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of various functional sugar alcohols and health food ingredients. Its main products are xylitol, and sorbitol, Maltitol, Fructose Syrup, etc., are widely used in food and beverage, daily chemical, and other industries. Among them, the market share of xylitol is in the top three in the world.

Shandong Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Shandong Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with corn and corn cob as raw materials for deep processing, a bio-manufacturing industrial base, a backbone enterprise of the biotechnology industry, and a pillar enterprise of China Functional Sugar City. It was established in 1991 and put into production in 1993, mainly producing xylose, xylitol, L-arabinose, maltitol, erythritol and their derivatives.

Shandong Lujian Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Lujian Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yucheng City, Shandong Province, which is the “Functional Sugar City of China”. It is a national key high-tech enterprise led by biological engineering and is one of the largest and most automated modern enterprises in the sugar alcohol industry in China. The company has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of maltitol, 16,000 tons of xylitol, 5,000 tons of xylose, 15,000 tons of maltose syrup, and other series products, of which crystalline maltitol is the first and world-leading in China.

Yusweet Xylitol Technology Co., Ltd

Yusweet Xylitol Technology Co., Ltd, adhering to the European and American quality management system, has been focusing on the sugar alcohol industry for nearly thirty years, bringing rich products and services for human health and meeting people’s ultimate pursuit of natural, nutritious, healthy and sweet. Yusweet’s industrial chain has been gradually expanded and has now developed into a comprehensive production enterprise covering sugar alcohol products such as xylose, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, L-arabinose, and compound sugar (alcohol).

Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2001. The company is a comprehensive biomass utilization enterprise that uses corn cob and corn as raw materials to produce functional sugar, starch, and starch sugar using modern bioengineering technology, and recycles the corn cob waste from the production of functional sugar to produce new energy products such as 2nd generation fuel ethanol and polymer materials such as lignin.


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