CAS 9057-02-7 Pullulan Manufacturers

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Pulullan CAS 9057-02-7

1. Pullulan

Kopulan is also known as pullulan polysaccharide, CAS 9057-02-7, E number E1204, molecular formula (C6H10O5)n.

Pullulan polysaccharide is a kind of extracellular water-soluble mucopolysaccharide similar to glucan and xanthan gum produced by the fermentation of sprouting short-stalked mold, which is a special microbial polysaccharide discovered by R. Bauer in 1938.

2. Advantages of pullulan polysaccharide

The pullulan polysaccharide has two important properties: it is structurally flexible and has relatively large solubility.

The film-forming property, gas-blocking property, plasticity, and viscosity of Pullulan polysaccharide are strong, and it has excellent properties such as easily soluble in water, non-toxic and harmless, colorless, and tasteless, etc. It has been widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry, and petroleum.

3. Pullulan polysaccharide uses

1. Application in preserving agricultural products

Because of the good film-forming property, pullulan polysaccharide can be widely used in preserving agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and eggs.

2. Application in seafood preservation

Research shows that, as a new type of seafood film insulator, Pullulan polysaccharide can fully and effectively inhibit the accumulation of volatile salt-based nitrogen in seafood, and has a good protection effect on the evaporation of water in seafood.

3. Application in the food processing industry

It is widely used in the food industry as a low calorific value food material for staple foods and cakes, and as a food quality improver and plasticizer.

4. Application in the field of environmental protection

The product is applied to the purification and treatment of high turbidity water, the first-stage intensive treatment of urban sewage, and the treatment of wastewater in MSG production, forming a complete process and technology.

5. Application in the packaging industry

Pullulan polysaccharide is a non-ionic, non-reducing stable polysaccharide, thus it is easily dissolved in water and can be used as a viscous, neutral, non-dissociative non-gelatinized aqueous solution. The film made is transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, with toughness, high oil resistance, edible, and can be used as food packaging. Its gloss, strength, and folding resistance are better than the film made from high chain starch.

4. Pullulan polysaccharide manufacturers

4.1 Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, the company takes biological fermentation raw materials as the direction of industrialization, mainly devoted to the research and development, production, and sales of biological preservatives and cosmetic raw materials. For food additives, the main products are natamycin, nisin and compounded food preservatives, etc. For cosmetic efficacy raw materials, the main products are ectoin, boswellin, polyglutamic acid sodium, polyglutamic acid hydrogel, and pullulan polysaccharide.

4.2 Meihua Group

Meihua Group is a leading global provider of amino acid nutrition and health solutions. Founded in 2002, the company has launched amino acid products such as glutamine, threonine, isoleucine, and valine. Deeply cultivating fermentation technology, it has launched xanthan gum, pullulan polysaccharide, monosodium glutamate, and other products.

4.3 Higrand Biotech Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, Higrand Biotech Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development of biotechnology products. Among them, sialic acid fills the gap in domestic technology with a new strain, new fermentation extraction, and purification process, and new refining method and the product quality reaches the leading level at home and abroad. Later, we launched a new product of pullulan polysaccharide.

4.4 Shandong Mimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shandong Mimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. It mainly produces polysaccharides and a series of co-products and is one of the large production bases in China. It has an annual production capacity of 3000 tons of biopolysaccharide, 10 billion biopolysaccharide hollow capsules, 80 million biopolysaccharide film tablets, and 10,800 tons of dextran.

4.5 Hayashibara Co., Ltd

Hayashibara Co., Ltd was founded as Hayashibara Shoten (a starch syrup manufacturer) in Okayama, Japan in 1883. In 1972, they developed the production method for “PULLULAN”, a polysaccharide thickener and edible film matrix. In 1976, they began manufacturing “PULLULAN” in a new production facility.

4.6 Kumar Organic Products Limited

At Kumar Organic Products Limited (KOPL), we synergize the right chemistry to provide our clients with the best active ingredient for their Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Paints & Coatings, and Food & Healthcare products. In a journey of 26 years, KOPL has relentlessly strived for excellence in meeting the demands of customers from around the world. Today KOPL has a wide variety of 50 products which are manufactured at five world-class manufacturing plants and a State of Art Research and Development Centre in India.

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