Causes, Disadvantages Of Sorbitol Powder Caking And What To Do To Prevent Caking

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1.Causes Of Sorbitol Powder Caking

Sorbitol powder itself is easy to absorb moisture, in addition to accumulation and storage, it is easy to cause hardening.

In addition, the particle size and shape of sorbitol powder also affect caking. Generally speaking, the larger the particle size, the less likely it is to agglomerate. The more uniform the shape and particle size, the less likely it is to agglomerate.

2.True Caking vs Fake Caking

False caking can be redistributed naturally during transportation or by manual tapping. It does not affect the use in food production at all.

sorbitol powder fake caking

But true caking, after you hit and transport, can not disappear, very hard, even if it breaks, it also forms a smaller caking, the particles are not scattered.

3.Disadvantages Of Caking

Sorbitol powder caking in food production seriously affects the use, may not be used, resulting in direct economic losses. The upstream and downstream production of chemical products generally does not affect the use, because it needs to be dissolved and then applied.

4.What do we do to prevent sorbitol powder caking?

As mentioned above, moisture, particle size, and shape uniformity are important factors affecting caking. So we have strict control of moisture.

A few years ago, we were also plagued by caking, and through improved production equipment and a large number of tests and adjustments, we finally avoided the caking problem completely.

In general, our current sorbitol powder stored for 2-3 years will not produce true caking. Also because of this, we won more customer orders and praise.

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