Vitamin B5 (D Calcium Pantothenate) Historical Price and Affecting Factors

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Vitamin b5 brief instruction

D calcium pantothenate is another name of vitamin b5, the calcium salt of pantothenic acid. Its CAS number is 137-08-6, chemical formula C18H32O10N2Ca.

It is a kind of water-soluble vitamin. It is easily soluble in water and glycerin but insoluble in alcohol, chloroform, and ether. Vitamin b5 is used in medicine, food, and feed additives. It is a component of Coenzyme A, which participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is clinically used to treat vitamin B deficiency, peripheral neuritis, and colic after surgery.

Vitamin b5 historical price

Today, the price of vitamin b5 is about FOB 16-18 USD/KG, 2021/12/3. In history, the highest price is 740RMB/KG (equally 110 USD/KG) in 2017.08, and the lowest price is 55RMB/KG (equally 8.5 USD/KG) from 2008 to 2015.

vitamin b5 historical price in RMB

Price review: From 2008 to 2015, the lowest price of calcium pantothenate was 8.5 USD per kilogram. The price fluctuates, but the duration is not long. It started to rise in 2016. It was because of environmental protection factors that Xinfa Pharmaceutical stopped production, resulting in tight market supply, and the price soared to 46 USD per kilogram.

In the first half of 2017, prices have dropped, and in July, Shandong has ushered in inspections by the environmental protection team. Xinfa Pharmaceutical and Huachen Pharmaceutical ceased production immediately, and Xinfu Pharmaceutical also ceased production at the same time, resulting in a severe shortage of goods in the market, causing the price to rapidly rise to 110 USD per kilogram.

With the resumption of production after 2018, the price has dropped to about 46 USD per kilogram.

Vitamin b5 price affecting factors

The main factors affecting the price of calcium pantothenate are environmental protection, heating, and supply. Because of the high concentration of manufacturers in the industry, about 40% of the production capacity is concentrated in Shandong Province. If environmental protection factors cause production shutdown, it will quickly cause the short-term supply and cause price increases.

The raw materials of calcium pantothenate contain some flammable, explosive, and toxic gases and liquids. The production will also produce cyanide wastewater, which is difficult to treat and is the main reason for the pressure on environmental factors.

Our prediction about vitamin b5 price in future

With the emphasis on environmental protection, carbon neutrality, and increased labor costs, we boldly predict that the bottom price of calcium pantothenate will rise to 12-14 USD per kilogram in the future. Through our observation, the lowest price in recent years is 11 USD per kilogram, and it is estimated that it will no longer exist in the future.

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