Calcium Acetate Monohydrate (Cas 5743-26-0)

Price Range: FOB 1.3-1.7 USD/KG; Update:2021/11/1

1. Characteristics of Calcium Acetate Monohydrate

E number: E263 (preservatives)

Formula: Ca(C2H3O2)2 · H2O

Weight: : 176.18 g/mol



Certificate: ISO/Kosher/Halal

Specification: USP/FCC/GB/EP

Grade: Pharmaceutical/Food/Technical grade

2. Calcium acetate monohydrate specification

Across Biotech supply calcium acetate monohydrate food grade, pharmaceutical grade, technical grade. Our goods meet the standards of USP/FCC/EP. Check the specification below:


2.1 Calcium acetate monohydrate USP/pharmaceutical specification

Grade USP
Assay(on dry basis)% 99.0-100.5
pH of a 5% solution at 25℃ 6.3-9.6
Arsenic(As)% ≦ 0.0003
Water(H2O)% ≦ 7.0
Chloride(Cl)% ≦ 0.05
Fluoride(F)% ≦ 0.005
Sulfate(SO4% ≦ 0.06
Lead(Pb)% ≦ 0.001
Heavy metals% ≦ 0.0025
Nitrate(NO3) To pass test
Organic volatile impurities To pass test


2.2 Calcium acetate monohydrate FCC/food specification

Grade FCC
Assay(on dry basis)% 99.0-100.5
pH of a 5% solution at 25℃ 6.3-9.6
Arsenic(As)%≦ 0.0003
Water(H2O)%≦ 7.0
Chloride(Cl)%≦ 0.05
Fluoride(F)%≦ 0.005
Sulfate(SO4%≦ 0.1
Heavy metals%≦ 0.001


2.3 Calcium acetate monohydrate technical specification

Grade Technical pure
Assay(on dry basis)% 98.0-100.5
pH of a 5% solution at 25℃ 6.3-9.6
Water(H2O)%≦ 8.0
Chloride(Cl)%≦ 0.1
Sulfate(SO4%≦ 0.1
Heavy metals%≦ 0.001


3. FAQs of calcium acetate monohydrate

3.1 What grade of calcium acetate monohydrate can you offer?

We supply pharmaceutical grade, technical grade, food grade calcium acetate monohydrate.


3.2 What standards can your goods meet?



3.3 What is the loading quantity in 20GP and MOQ?

For calcium acetate monohydrate, the loading quantity is 14.5 tons in 20GP without pallet and the small MOQ is 100KG.


4. Documents-Calcium acetate monohydrate MSDS and COA


Calcium acetate monohydrate MSDS

Calcium acetate monohydrate FCC COA

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