Vitamin B5 (d calcium pantothenate) Main Manufacturers and Production Process

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1. Vitamin B5 (d calcium pantothenate) introduction

D-Calcium pantothenate, also known as vitamin b5, CAS No. 13708-6, is an indispensable biological component in the process of biological growth. There are three forms of calcium pantothenate, D-calcium pantothenate, L-calcium pantothenate, and DL- calcium pantothenate, among which D-calcium pantothenate has biological activity.

After entering the human body, pantothenic acid and calcium are released, and pantothenic acid plays an important physiological role. Calcium pantothenate is widely used in feed, food, and medicine.

2. Raw Material of Vitamin B5 (d calcium pantothenate)

The preparation of d calcium pantothenate is complicated, and its two raw materials are DL- pantothenic acid lactone and β-aminopropionic acid. DL- pantothenic acid lactone is prepared from butyrolactone, hydrocyanic acid, and isobutyraldehyde. Acrylic cyanide is the main raw material of β-aminopropionic acid, and formaldehyde is the main auxiliary material for the production of β-aminopropionic acid.

From this point of view, the raw materials of vitamin b5 are all chemicals, and the price of raw materials accounts for about 60% of the production cost. The price of raw materials has an impact on the price of finished products.

3. How D-calcium pantothenate is produced

There are two main synthesis processes on the market. One is to synthesize DL-pantoic acid lactone and continue to react with β-alanine to synthesize DL-calcium pantothenate, and then split to obtain D-calcium pantothenate, as shown in figure 1. The other is to first split DL-pantoate lactone into D-pantoate lactone and then combine with β-alanine to prepare D-calcium pantothenate, as shown in figure 2.

d calcium pantothenate production process 1
Figure 1

The figure 1 manufacturing process is traditional and more popular among manufacturers both dosmetic and abroad. The operating principle is that DL-calcium pantothenate has bigger solubility than d-calcium pantothenate and l-calcium pantothenate. Then L-calcium pantothenate was racemized by alkali-catalyzed racemization and repeatedly resolved and converted to D-calcium pantothenate. The good point is that it has good technological maturity. The bad one is that it only could produce d-calcium pantothenate, can’t produce its derivatives, like panthenol.

d calcium pantothenate production process 2
Figure 2

The figure 2 process is to change DL-pantoate lactone into D-pantoate lactone. There are two methods in the separation process, one is chemical separation, which has high cost and high pollution. The other is the use of biological enzymes, which has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, and environment-friendly.

4. Main vitamin B5 manufacturers

The main vitamin B5(D-Calcium Pantothenate) manufacturers are Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, BASF, DSM, Brother Enterprises Holding Co., Ltd, Shandong Hwatson Biochem Co., Ltd, BBCA Group.

Yifan Pharmaceutical (Xinfu), founded in 1994, started to produce vitamin B5 in 1996. They have a production capacity of 12,000 tons and are the biggest manufacturer of d-calcium pantothenate in the world.

Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, founded in 1998, located in Dongying District, Shandong, has a production capacity of 12,000 tons for d-calcium pantothenate. Meanwhile, they produce vitamin b6, folic acid, and other vitamins.

BASF and DSM have a production capacity of 3,000 tons of vitamin B5.

Brother Enterprises Holding Co., Ltd, founded in 1991, located in Haining, Zhejiang, has a production capacity of 5,000 tons of vitamin B5. Also, they are the key manufacturer of vitamin k3, b3, b6, vanillin, and ethyl vanillin.

Shandong Hwatson Biochem Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, located in Weifang, Shandong, has a production capacity of 3,000 tons of calcium pantothenate.

BBCA Group (Anhui Tiger Biotech Co., Ltd), founded in 2002, located in Bengbu, Anhui, has a production capacity of 6,000 tons of vitamin b5. Also, they are manufacturing vitamin b6, folic acid, and ascorbic acid.

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